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Should You Believe the Hype with Matte Finish Paint Jobs?

In the past five years a trend has hit the automotive market, and it is one that has been met with mixed feelings – matte paint jobs. Are they really all they are cracked up to be or are they more of a hassle (and an expensive hassle at that)?

Regardless of your personal feeling on the style, no one can deny matte finishes have increased in popularity. There are even some luxury brand vehicles that are beginning to come with matte factory finish options.

There are some myths and misconceptions about vehicles with matte paint finishes that have made drivers wary to choose matte as an option for their paint color. In many cases these misconceptions are due to a lack of information.

Let’s dispel some of the rumors so you can decide for yourself.

A Distinct Finish for Your Vehicle

Probably the main benefit of a matte finish is that your vehicle will have a unique and distinct look compared to other cars or trucks of the same model. Matte finishes highlight the features and shape of your vehicle, hugging all the curves and angles, emphasizing its design.

The color absorbs light rather than reflecting it, which can imbue a vehicle’s exterior with a slightly textured look. This striking visual feature is a stark contrast to metallic paint jobs that appear shiny and look very smooth.

Matte Doesn’t Have to be High Maintenance

There are a lot of drivers who consider matte finishes because they like the way they look but ultimately decide against it after hearing matte finishes are harder to maintain.

Yes, it’s true that certain maintenance products like wax are not suitable for matte finishes as they will ruin the matte effect over time. However, there are matte-specific sealants that can be applied to enhance durability the way wax would. Just make sure to carefully read the labels of all products prior to application to confirm it is matte-friendly. Some auto dealers will even include a starter kit for vehicles with matte finishes that contain compatible products.

Custom Isn’t Always Crazy Expensive

One of the myths about matte finishes is that they are always extremely expensive, but that is only partly true. Matte paint jobs can be costly depending on the quality of the paint job and the vehicle in question. Higher quality paint jobs can run upwards of $3,000 to $5,000 (and more depending on where you go). Additionally, if scratches or swirls occur on a matte paint coat, they can’t be buffed out in the same way as other finishes.

The higher quality and greater availability of vinyl wraps in the custom auto market has presented a new, affordable solution for customizing your vehicle with a matte finish.

in addition to being significantly cheaper to apply, vinyl wraps are relatively easy to remove if you change your mind or simply want to change things up. If part of the wrap gets damaged, you only need to replace or refinish that portion of the vehicle and not redo the whole thing like you would have to do with a full matte paint coat.

Ease of removal is also great in terms of resale value – when paint wraps are removed the paint underneath looks the same as the day the wrap was first applied. If you were considering a matte finish, but were hesitant to commit to a full paint job, a matte vinyl wrap can give you the look plus the peace of mind that it’s not permanent.

To Go Matte or Not to Go Matte?

As with most cosmetic automotive decisions there are advantages, disadvantages and alternatives to each decision you make. Your paint color and its finish will be one of the more obvious decisions visible to all the other drivers on the road. It can make a statement about you, the driver.

A matte finish or paint wrap will turn heads and set your vehicle apart from the rest of its make or model counterparts on the road. If you’re considering a matte finish, now may be the time to drop the hammer and give it a try.

At Bulldog Detail we have experienced auto detailers on staff who are well-versed in protecting a variety of paint finishes. We’re also experts at installing vinyl car wraps, including matte vinyl wraps. If you’re in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area and want to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance, we would love to help make your vehicle look like one in a million.

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