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Correct, protect and maintain.


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Paint correction can remove and minimize scratch marks.

The elements, bird droppings, dust and even improper washing techniques lead to the deterioration of your paint’s clean, reflective finish. Even with the most pristinely cared for vehicles, dust, dirt, and other contaminants build up on the paint’s surface acting like sandpaper against the clearcoat. Bulldog Detail specializes in the elimination of surface imperfections such as swirl marks, holograms, buffer trails, fine scratches, etching, hardwater buildup, and isolated deep scratches which dull, oxidize, and haze the surface overtime.


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what our clients are saying

Just got my Tesla Model 3 back from having a paint correction and clear bra applied. It looks great! Kyle was awesome the entire time and really responsive to all of my questions. He went above and beyond just being a good guy and making sure I was well informed. I'd recommend him on a heartbeat.

what our clients are saying

It is refreshing to actually come across a business owner today that is as transparent as this one. I am blown away with the customer service and how these individuals work so very hard to meet anyone's expectations for service and pricing within this industry and moreover within any industry that deals with automobiles and their care. You, too, will be amazed at the transparency and fairness in pricing. On several occasions I sought 2nd and 3rd estimates on work and the estimates that I received for the same exact work were astronomical and way outside of the curve of normalcy compared to Bull Dog's pricing. I subsequently used their services on several occasions and have never received substandard service on my vehicle. I plan on using them again for all of my detailing needs. All of my expectations were exceeded!