Why Is There a Film Over My Headlights?

There is a certain amount of wear and tear that is expected once you’ve driven your vehicle off the lot and on roads and highways for an extended period of time. The new car smell is gone, your paint may lose some of its luster or you may notice a cloudy or film-like appearance over […]

Can A Drive-Thru Carwash Damage My Car?

Yes, some drive-thru carwashes do have the potential to damage your vehicle’s exterior. No one can deny that drive-thru carwashes have a certain appeal. They are often attached to gas stations, making them highly convenient. Completing two errands in one stop essentially kills two birds with one stone. However, there are several reasons why the […]

Is Ceramic Coating Your Best Car Protectant Option?

Cost vs Quality, Longevity and Durability At Bulldog Detail we are no strangers to the maintenance headaches caused by weather and other outside elements. We’re also familiar with the varying expectations of motorists and realize every car owner’s needs are different depending on an array of factors. Whether cost isn’t an object, your car is […]

How Does Regularly Scheduled Detailing Help My Car?

Many drivers in Scottsdale and Phoenix take pride in their vehicle and want to keep it looking fresh-off-the-lot new for as long as possible. If you’re looking into detailing, chances are you already consider your vehicle a valuable asset that you want to protect for the long term. Auto detailing is the most reliable way […]