Which is Better: Ceramic Coating or Graphene

Similarities Ceramic coatings and graphene coatings share a lot of the same protective attributes. Both are hydrophobic (repels water and resists water spotting) and protect against corrosive elements. They both lock in whatever luster has been buffed into a vehicle’s exterior pre-application and maintain that glossiness for years. The difference in these benefits is really […]

Why Is Graphene Coating Suddenly So Popular?

Graphene coating is a relatively new addition to the auto detailing industry, unlike many currently popular auto detailing products that have been around for decades or longer. Paint protection film, also known as clear bra, dates back to the Vietnam War. It was developed by 3M to prevent helicopter rotor blade damage from debris and […]

10 Tips for Keeping the Interior of Your Car Clean

Every car owner is different. One of those differences relates to how well maintained the interior of their car is (or isn’t). People are busy. Depending on your job or lifestyle, it’s likely that you spend a good deal of time in your car either commuting to and from work or transporting your family from […]

What Does a Nano-Ceramic Coating Do and Why Is It Important?

Nano-ceramic coatings, usually referred to as ceramic coatings, are a semi-permanent protection for your vehicle’s clear coat. This coating will protect your vehicle’s exterior from dirt, grime and many chemicals that can stain or damage it. Depending on quality and application, a nano-ceramic coating generally lasts for about two to five years before needing to […]