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“Just got my Tesla Model 3 back from having a paint correction and clear bra applied. It looks great! Kyle was awesome the entire time and really responsive to all of my questions. He went above and beyond just being a good guy and making sure I was well informed. I’d recommend him on a heartbeat.”

John M.

“It is refreshing to actually come across a business owner today that is as transparent as this one. I am blown away with the customer service and how these individuals work so very hard to meet anyone’s expectations for service and pricing within this industry and moreover within any industry that deals with automobiles and their care. You, too, will be amazed at the transparency and fairness in pricing. On several occasions I sought 2nd and 3rd estimates on work and the estimates that I received for the same exact work were astronomical and way outside of the curve of normalcy compared to Bull Dog’s pricing. I subsequently used their services on several occasions and have never received substandard service on my vehicle. I plan on using them again for all of my detailing needs. All of my expectations were exceeded!.”

Michael M.

“I’d heard nothing but good about Kyle and his full service detail business via one of the FB groups I’m on. I called Kyle and discussed what I was interested in and he was extremely helpful and cooperative. Very flexible making arrangements to valet my car from Chandler up to N. Scottsdale and back. I had them Ceramic Pro the car and my new custom wheels, paint my brake calipers and detail the vehicle. I had a few trouble spots in the paint where sap had been on the car too long and had set-up and I had to use Goof-Off to remove it. This wrecked the finish in several spots. Kyle and his paint correction followed by Ceramic Pro product has virtually made these spots disappear. I couldn’t be happier with the brilliant shine and the renewed look that’s been restored to my car! Again, super flexible, excellent service and a very ambitious man. It’s clear when you deal with Kyle that his plans are to build a successful business through excellent customer satisfaction. I could have gone to a shop closer to home for me, I’m glad I didn’t.”

Stan F.

“I had gotten my car in to get detailed, and wow, what can I say. When they were finished it looked better than it did in the show room. They had such an acute attention to detail that was better than any other detailing service I’ve worked with in Scottsdale before. They pointed out little tiny blips in the window tint that I didn’t notice and was able to have he dealer fix, as well as heat marks underneath the car’s paint.

They sent over some glam photos of the car throughout the process of the detailing, and were finished according to their time frame

Bulldog does absolutely incredible work, and I would recommend them over any other detailing service in the area. Their prices are competitive, and the people are nice and easy to work with.”

Taylor E.

“I’m a retired detailer and I was very impressed with Kyle at Bulldog Detail. He isn’t running a factory; he approaches each car as a unique project. That means tailoring his work to focus on not only a particular car’s problem areas (I.E. paint vs. interior) but also how it’s used (I.E. daily driver vs. garage queen). That involves different techniques, varying amounts of work, and different combinations of products – and he’ll tell you exactly what those products are because he uses the best in the industry. He’s transparent, professional, and the car looks great. Highly recommended.”

Party H.

“We had our Model X fully XPEL wrapped by Kyle and he did a fantastic job. Now, 18 months later, the car looks like new. There are no scratches on the car. Kyle is super detail oriented and did a paint correction before putting the protective film on. He then coated the film with an additional protective coating. Really worth the money if you don’t want to worry about every little rock hitting your car. They also did the window tinting for us (side windows and roof windows) as well as use the XPEL to cover the seatbacks in the car. I really can’t say enough about his work and ethics.”

Rob J.