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Why Is Graphene Coating Suddenly So Popular?

Graphene coating is a relatively new addition to the auto detailing industry, unlike many currently popular auto detailing products that have been around for decades or longer.

Paint protection film, also known as clear bra, dates back to the Vietnam War. It was developed by 3M to prevent helicopter rotor blade damage from debris and dust. Over the following decades it saw use in professional racing before making it to passenger car owners. Wax products have been around for literal centuries, with the first products being used to shine and protect the lacquer paint on horse carriages.

Graphene wasn’t really isolated and studied closely until this millennia. Two British scientists discovered how to isolate graphene in 2004, and the science community was so impressed with the potential of graphene that the scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.

Auto detailers have been quick to adopt this cutting-edge paint protection solution, which is now available to passenger car and truck drivers. When it comes to industry-changing advancements in auto detailing, it doesn’t get much newer than that.

The Benefits of Graphene Coatings

Graphene coatings offer a lot of similar benefits to nanoceramic coatings with a few important additions:

  • Even more water beading thanks to the high contact angle of the graphene coating
  • An anti-static charge that repels dust
  • More cracking and chipping protection thanks to improved coating flexibility and strength
  • About double the lifespan at five to 10 years (depending on quality of application)

Graphene coatings may be the ideal choice for Phoenix and Scottsdale drivers thanks to its thermal properties. The ability of graphene to absorb heat can keep the inside of your vehicle slightly cooler during the summer.

In addition to locking in a beautiful shine, a graphene coating also makes your vehicle extraordinarily easy to clean. It’s not the equivalent of a permanent car wash, but when you do wash your car it will take far less time and effort to make it shine like new.

Price-wise graphene coatings are a little more than ceramic coatings but still in the same ballpark. Car, truck and SUV owners may actually save money with graphene coatings thanks to the increased longevity. It’s unlikely you’ll need to pay for a second professional graphene coating unless you plan on keeping your vehicle for more than a decade.

Graphene Coating Application

The application process for graphene coating is similar to ceramic coatings in many respects, including the importance of thorough vehicle prepping.

One of the key benefits of choosing a professional detailer is the assurance that the preparation of your car’s exterior for the graphene coat will be done correctly.

The prep process generally includes steps like:

  • Detailed, thorough washing
  • Clay bar and chemical decontamination
  • Paint correction
  • Buffing

Graphene locks in the appearance of your car’s paint for years – including blemishes. Making sure your vehicle’s exterior is immaculately free of flaws and buffed to perfection will provide the best long-term graphene coating results.

The longevity of graphene coating and the benefits it provides depends on the coating’s adherence to a vehicle’s paint. Even small, nearly imperceptible faults or contaminants may reduce the efficacy of a graphene coating.

The graphene coating should be applied in sections and left to cure for a set amount of time before being wiped off.

Applying a professional-grade graphene coating that lasts five to 10 years is tougher and more involved than some of the quick spray applications available to consumers.

If you’re only interested in a year or so of similar protection, those self-applications may be a good option, but end results will still depend on exterior preparation.

If you want to make sure your vehicle looks its best and enjoys long-term protection, detailers like those at Bulldog Detail are your best bet.

Learn More About Graphene Coating in Phoenix and Scottsdale

The car detailing pros at Bulldog Detail have been applying flawless ceramic coatings and clear bra paint protecting films to vehicles for years. We understand the importance of thorough preparation and detail-oriented coating applications.

Graphene coatings are one of the newest innovations in auto detailing, and we’re proud to offer it to local Phoenix and Scottsdale vehicle owners who seek the best paint protection solutions.

Contact us at 602.653.3935 to learn more about graphene coatings and our other detailing services.


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