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What Does a Nano-Ceramic Coating Do and Why Is It Important?

Nano-ceramic coatings, usually referred to as ceramic coatings, are a semi-permanent protection for your vehicle’s clear coat. This coating will protect your vehicle’s exterior from dirt, grime and many chemicals that can stain or damage it. Depending on quality and application, a nano-ceramic coating generally lasts for about two to five years before needing to be reapplied.

The added protection is nice, but the aesthetic benefit of a nano-ceramic coating is what really make the options shine. Ceramic coatings provide a better gloss that stays cleaner longer. Vehicles with a ceramic coating are easier to clean thanks to a hydrophobic coating that repels water. This same repellent feature also makes it harder for dirt and grime to adhere to the exterior of a vehicle.

Nano-ceramic coatings also offer some protection from oxidization and UV damage, which is especially useful in places like Phoenix and Scottsdale where there’s no avoiding the sun and its brutal UV rays.

Ceramic coatings will generally outperform waxes and sealants in terms of protection and longevity. Most detailers think of a nano-ceramic coating as a superior alternative to waxing thanks to the perpetual polish it provides.

Clear bra is a protectant option with a thicker application, but most don’t offer the same level of shine or the hydrophobic water repellent properties. You don’t necessarily have to choose one or the other. Ceramic coatings and clear bras offer their own benefits, and both can be applied to the same vehicle.

Most nano-ceramic coatings have a 9H hardness rate, which means it can resist swirl marks and even minor scratches. That being said, a nano-ceramic coating is not a paint protection film. If you want maximum protection from rock chips or scratches you should strongly consider getting a clear bra in addition to the ceramic coating.

A ceramic coating also isn’t a substitute for frequent washes. Although the hydrophobic coating will help reduce water spotting and dirt adhesion, it’s not exactly magic. Vehicles with ceramic coating should still be washed regularly to keep up the high-gloss shine.

Why Are Ceramic Coatings Better Than Wax?

If you have a lot of time on your hands, are an expert in detailing or you have the money to get your vehicle detailed on a regular basis, you can nearly replicate the effects of ceramic coating. Wax offers a similar shine but will only last for a matter of weeks, at the most.

You are likely familiar with wax as a substance – it’s somewhat sticky. Things can get attached to wax and become embedded in it. This can happen with the surface of your car as well. Waxes have a low bonding rate and low melting point, so they degrade quickly in the elements, especially in hot climates like Phoenix.

Waxes also don’t offer the same level of protection from chemicals, industrial fallout or swirling/small scratches a clear bra or nano-ceramic coating can offer.

Sealants can provide similar protections as well, but the abrasion, UV and chemical resistance they offer to your car’s clear coat isn’t at the same level you’d get from a high-quality ceramic coating.

Applying Nano-Ceramic Coating and Why Professional Installation Is Important

Applying the coating to a vehicle isn’t necessarily the hardest part of the process to get right. Prepping a vehicle is a tedious, time consuming task. If a vehicle isn’t properly prepped the ceramic coating won’t adhere properly and won’t offer the protection or aesthetic benefits you’re seeking.

Trying to apply ceramic coating yourself may be cheaper, but the savings you’ll get are really attributable to a shop’s labor hours in prep time. Professional detailers are dedicated to making sure a ceramic coating is effective and lasts for as long as possible, which is why they don’t cut corners on prep or miss any easy-to-neglect spots.

A detailer will use professional polishing and paint correction tools to get your car as shiny and glossy as possible. If your car isn’t at maximum glossiness prior to the coating being added, no amount of post-application polishing will get it there.
The coating also needs to be used sparingly according to manufacturer recommendations. Small sections should be done at a time. The coating needs to sit on each section for a set amount of time before being wiped off completely. It’s a delicate, time consuming process to do right. The right towels and applicators should also be used to maximize effectiveness and ensure even results.

Get the Best Possible Nano-Ceramic Coating and Clear Bra Treatments in Phoenix and Scottsdale
Vehicle owners who want their vehicle to maintain that ultra-polished look without needing wax every month should strongly consider getting a ceramic coating applied by Bulldog Detail. If you’re looking for maximum protection from chemicals, UV damage, weather erosion, bird droppings, tree sap and even light scratches, we can help.
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