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How Does Regularly Scheduled Detailing Help My Car?

Many drivers in Scottsdale and Phoenix take pride in their vehicle and want to keep it looking fresh-off-the-lot new for as long as possible. If you’re looking into detailing, chances are you already consider your vehicle a valuable asset that you want to protect for the long term. Auto detailing is the most reliable way to ensure your car, truck or SUV maintains its unmarred shine.

Services offered by auto detailers in Scottsdale

• Paint Corrections
• Ceramic Coatings
• Clear Bra
• Vinyl Installation
• Scrape Plate
• Restoration
• Various Maintenance Services

Bulldog Detail in Scottsdale offers both restorative and maintenance services. Detailers aren’t body shops, but they are experts on vehicle aesthetics. If you want to remove or minimize the appearances of scratches without paying the often-extraordinary price autobody shops charge for repainting or minor retouching, a detailer may be your best option.

What do Restoration Services Entail and Why Do Detailers Offer Them?

Certain types of vehicle restoration are an integral part of auto detailing. Headlights, for example, are notorious for getting foggy after years of use.

Polycarbonate plastic headlights roll off the lot with a special coating that protects it from pollution, gravel, UV rays and other caustic chemicals that can cause yellowing, oxidation and fogginess. That coating wears off over time, exposing the porous surface of the plastic to pollutants. Restorers like the experts at Bulldog have access to specialized films and cleaning methods to not only clear headlights up but also apply protective solutions to prevent these damages in the future.

The same can be done for wheels, which inevitably get damaged, scuffed and less lustrous over time. You may be surprised how much superficial wheel damage is reversable with skilled wheel restoration.

Car, truck and SUV owners in Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area are also familiar with the toll the sun takes on plastics in vehicles. These plastics can also be restored using a specialized heating and dyeing process to replace oils and restore plastic’s original colors.
Maintenance can prevent some of these types of degradation, but if these often-unavoidable damages do occur, a skilled restorative auto detailer can help.

What Is an Auto Clear Bra?

A clear bra is essentially a clear shield for your car, truck or SUV’s paint and exterior surfaces. It’s actually a self-healing urethane film that prevents scratches and paint chipping caused by dings from pebbles, staining from abrasive chemicals, oxidation and more. When the urethane material is heated it flattens out, eliminating any scratches or abrasions it may have absorbed from impacts with pebbles or other scratching materials.

You can learn more about clear bras on another one of our recently published blogs on the topic.

What Are Ceramic Coatings?

A ceramic coating offers similar benefits to a clear bra but without providing the same level of scratch and chipping protection an actual film provides.

Ceramic coatings also don’t have the self-healing ability the polymers in clear bra films possess. What ceramic coating can do is:

• Keep your car clean longer
• Make it harder for chemical contaminants to bind to your vehicle’s paint
• Reduce the chance for staining caused by those chemicals
• Prevent fading and oxidation from prolonged UV exposure

With the Valley’s notoriously harsh rays and frequent monsoon dust storms, a ceramic coating can be an important preventative measure.
A ceramic coating is generally applied to your entire vehicle, so if you didn’t get clear bra film installed over every surface (like glass portions of the exterior) a ceramic coating will provide hydrophobic (water repelling) benefits where a clear bra doesn’t.

Should I choose a clear bra for my car or a ceramic coating?

The great news is you don’t have to choose one or the other – you can have both. A combined clear bra and ceramic coating provides ultimate protection that is:

• Resistant to rock chips
• Scratch resistant
• Hard water spot and swirl mark preventing
• Self-healing
• Chemical stain resistant
• Oxidation and UV light resistant
• Water repelling
• Glossier
• Easy to wash

If you’re rightfully proud of your recent car, truck or SUV purchase and want to make sure you get your money’s worth by maintaining that new-car look for as long as possible, you really can’t beat the combined protection of a clear bra and ceramic coating offered by Scottsdale’s Bulldog Detail.

Scrape Plate

Bumpers take a beating, even if you’re careful with parking and road hazards. The scrape armor installed by Bulldog Detail is custom made for your make and model vehicle and can cover up existing damage and prevent future damage that could necessitate serious repairs or even expensive bumper replacement. Scrape plates go under the bumper, so it won’t detract from your vehicle’s aesthetic, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than having to replace a front bumper due to damage.

Give Your Car the Treatment It Deserves

If you’re like the team at Bulldog Detail you love your car, take pride in its appearance and care about keeping it looking and feeling new.
We approach each job as fellow car owners who feel the same way. We truly enjoy the work and feel privileged to detail some of Scottsdale’s most impressive vehicles. There’s absolutely no wiggle room for error when applying something like a Clear Bra to a vehicle, and we are committed to maintaining the maximum attention to detail each customer deserves.

Contact us today at 602.653.3935 to get our recommendations for your car, get an estimate for detailing work or to schedule service.